20 Realistic Paintings By Mexican Artist Omar Ortiz

by artist painter Omar Ortiz

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Omar Ortiz

Absolutely amazing oil paintings by Omar Ortiz used oil on linen to create stunning, realistic nudes. Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1977, where he still resides. Arouses great interest in drawing and illustration.

He has a bachelor degree of Design for Graphic Communication, where he learned to work with different techniques such as drawing, pastel, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and air brush. After graduating Graphic Design decided to be devoted to the world of painting.
In 2002 attends its first classes Painter Painting with Carmen Alarcon to which he considers his main teacher of Art. Currently Omar paints in oils, considering the noblest art.
A Hyperrealism – Minimalist predominantly white, the human figure and a magical set of fabrics, characterized his work.



Enamored by the forms and the colors, I have the impression of being successful witnessing the beginning of an amazing pictorial work. With these words appeared in 1954 still unknown writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez a whole pictorial promise, the Peruvian-Colombian painter Armando Villegas.

The Mexican painter Omar Ortiz, despite his youth, should be considered as an undisputed figure of realistic painting. His beginnings in the oil back to the year 2002 and since then have shown mastery that elevates him among the greatest.

He technically trained with the painter Carmen Alarcón, although his stylistic and thematic inspiration is closer to academic hyperrealism of painters such as Chile Claudio Bravo. This exhibition presents his latest works, which are a summary of his pictorial concerns.

In his work he highlights four constants:

The pursuit of beauty – concerns for the touch – printing of apparent simplicity – and love for the colors.

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The beauty is an essence that emanates from each of his paintings. Searching for female nudes, in classical manner with exquisite proportions, he found serene faces and touch of sensuality. In his still lives, the ideal of perfection is shown in minute detail, honestly patience, inviting us to reflect quietly on the passage of time.

We enjoy these oil paintings, but the sense that really excites us, its touch. Seeking hands caress, feel the thin skin of the models, check the quality of the fabrics or take one of the fruits stacked. The brush gets deceive. Lights and shadows create a corporeal entity. We feel the breath calm young. Hung cloths seem out of the box. Pomegranates are edible.

No fantasy distracts the viewer. Bodies and objects are presented in compositions simple but not vacuous. They are individualized figures, which do not require a fund to support. They alone are the protagonists on merit. The painter has no doubt of its expressive capacity and therefore magnifies large format.

The Color is another of his hallmarks. White is almost always present and illuminates his work in a thousand shades purity and transmitting energy. In the series of paintings with the variety we found hanging fabrics. Here not only interested in the texture of the object but also create attractive color games.

When you use the red is passionate and brilliant. His yellow and gold are bold and luxurious. The black in his paintings is not the absence of color.

We can only wish you luck.

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