Oleg Kozak

Oleg Kozak. “The artist’s task – to find a more beautiful untouched corners of our souls …”
“The watercolor attracts transparency color, because the color is all the variety of shimmering light, sunbeams, highlights, opening between the trees, contrast, light, shadow. Is possible to transmit any state relatively quickly, available materials, and therefore in the same breath, keeping the power of the imaging and power of the author.
Paper makes working correctly, right, working through the details, see and keep the flavor of the whole. I think this is the thrill when you do not have the possibility to hide behind a bare technique, texture, spectacular spot.
Watercolor – extremely honest advice, does not tolerate pretentious and cheating, is not obvedesh any viewer or himself.
… I like that would work was as much detail information …
However, sometimes it is harmful, too fond of, and the need to force yourself to stop in time. Over time, I come to the fact that the more white remains in operation, the better (better not to finish, but I forbear?).
Sometimes you start to do any piece, not a big deal, pour color to color, on a white sheet of this piece, like spilled precious stone, he just bastard from such beauty. Well, leave it. So no, I think just a little more and everything a little more …
Long thought: why can not escape from this vicious circle, and then I suddenly realized – from greed to share, the desire to bring any atom’s surrounding in whom the contemplation of many catastrophically do not have time.
And the task of the artist -Find still untouched by the most beautiful parts of our soul. After all, only wide open, to meet everyone and everything look especially good look, you can reach out to the response to the meeting.
People are very sensitively distinguish the genuine from the false. The highest degree of estimation personally at me, when I see something that shocked me, touched some strings – not a technique, not a name, not a spectacular pitch, and when you look, wide-open eyes with delight – it no questions !!! As if touched by a spring and a warm wraps, and if you like something to do with what he saw. And you know that’s wrong! And the secret is simple.
Each person is a universe, the planet on anybody not similar, only those of interest to all. I always felt sorry for those who were his idols. It is necessary to be easier, just love everybody and everything that surrounds us every day, every moment, and to share this with everyone. The artist is happy in that it can share this joy with all those who will be pulled to the meeting. ”
Oleg Kozak