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Martin Eichinger

Working in his 6,000 square foot studio, with its 16 foot high ceilings Eichinger creates dramatic bronzes that range in scale from intimate to monumental. For more than twenty years, this dynamic, visionary artist has produced limited-edition sculptures that engage the minds and hearts of collectors and resonate within our larger social and political culture. Grouped into themed series, the sculptures chronicle the eternal human pursuit of meaning, happiness, and growth.

In addition to his University degrees, Eichinger undertook independent studies in classical sculpture throughout Europe. Over the past two decades Eichinger has taught numerous workshops and mentored more than twenty apprentices, many of whom have gone on to rewarding artistic careers of their own.

A professional member and Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, he is also a founding member of the Pacific Northwest Sculpture Association. His work is represented by more than two-dozen fine art galleries throughout the United States and is housed in over 1,000 private and corporate collections around the world.

Artist Statement
“I am interested in having my sculptures say more about us as a people, about our spirits or our aspirations.”

Although most people see me as a figurative sculptor, I prefer being thought of as a narrative artist. It’s this quality of my work that connects my heart and soul to others who are looking at it, or preferably, feeling it.

By sharing story and emotion through the human form I feel connected in a deeper way, both with the people who view it and, perhaps most importantly, to the sculpture I am working on. I feel that my artwork is complete once I sense that it has entered someone’s life in a meaningful way.

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“Art that becomes part of a shared culture is much larger than the aesthetic experience alone.”