Myint Naing

Myint Naing, (born 26 February 1967) is a Myanmar watercolour artist. Myint Naing was born in Gwa village, Rakhine State, Myanmar. He graduated from the State School of Fine Arts (Yangon)(1986–1989). He studied under U Kyaw Lay, U Mya Aye, U Say Yoe, U Thit Lwin Soe and U Thukha.

Myint Naing is well-versed in both oil and watercolour paintings. He uses oil paints delicately and smoothly in his nude series. In his watercolor works, he opts for a riot of colours and swift brushstrokes that create breathtaking results.

1967 Born in Taunggoke, Gywa Village, Rakhine State. 1989 Graduated from the State School of Fine Arts(Yangon). Continued study under U Kyaw Lay, U Mya Aye, U Sayoe, U Thit Lwin Soe,and U Thukha

I love watercolours. It is difficult to master because it is very sensitive. The artist needs to carefully combine water and colours to find the right mix: not too soft, not too strong. It is all the more difficult when I paint nudes because finding the right tone for the human skin is very tricky with watercolours. I need to make sure that the skin colour is homogeneous.

I painted many nudes but it took me years of experience to find the right technique. Only a few months ago did I understand how to balance the colours. I first started painting nudes using acrylic and oil in 1996 but switched to watercolours around 2000. Nudes were a way to study anatomy. As my friends liked them, they started ordering some.

Myanmar Artist Myint Naing Painting
Myanmar Artist Myint Naing Painting

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Painting landscape is easier and feels freer but I like nudes because it is a sensitive subject in Myanmar. When I paint nudes, I make sure that they are not too sexy to adapt to the audience. There is another difficulty: we don’t have models to paint nudes. Abroad, they have models but not in Myanmar. If we want to paint one, we need to find models and take pictures. It is a difficulty, but I still like painting naked portraits, even though the the families are often opposed to it.



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