Mark Farina

Mark Farina is a full time artist. He grew up in upstate New York and Florida. His father a two uncles were golf club professionals in the Schenectady, NY area.

He lived in Arizona for 12 years and worked as a golf professional and moonlighted as a free lance artist. Since 1982 he has lived on the Monterey Peninsula teaching art and painting full time. He paints in oils and watercolor. His subject matter is diverse, but he mostly paint the local land & seascape. He also enjoy painting still-life subjects.

He does both studio and plein-air painting (outdoor on location). His process is to paint smaller 8″ x 10″ to 12″ x 16” outdoors and then use them for reference on larger studio works.


American Artist Mark Farina Painting
American Artist Mark Farina Painting

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He hold a Monday drop in plein air session (schedule is on my website). He also gives occasional two and three day still life and plein air workshops. He still play golf, but more for the exercise than anything else he describe himself as being an old golfer and a young artist.

His paintings can be viewed on my website: mfarinaartstudio