Linghui Wang

I was born in Fushun, a small northeastern Chinese city once famous for coal. Fortunately, My brother became the first artist in our family, and may have planted the seed of my love for art since an early age. After the end of Cultural Revolution, I was able to attend Luxun College of Art, a school with nationwide renown.

After graduation, I move to the beautiful seaside city of Dalian. While I was living in Dalian, I taught art at two universities, published a personal art book, and took part in duo or group art exhibitions.

Some of my work were chosen for National level exhibitions, and were honored with awards. I attracted the interest of art collectors and some of my work are in private collections.

After moving to US as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability, I began to fall in love with oil painting, and decided to focus on it. Soon after, I was accepted and encouraged by my local art community. Later, Several of my paintings have been featured in local art shows, some of them winning awards.

Then, I become a member of AIS, OPA, NOPAS and PSOA. Bellow are some my oil paintings participated some exhibitions.

Linghui Wang Exhibitions

  • “Artist Linda”, was selected to be featured in 2018 American Impressionist Society Art Show.
  • “Malleable” was selected into the 2019 fall online exhibition of NOAPS (National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society)
  • “Warm tea” has been selected into the NOAPS BEST OF AMERICA SMALL PAINTING EXHIBITION at McBride Gallery and SOLD.
  • “The sound” was selected for the 2020 Spring online exhibition by NOAPS.
  • “Daydream” has been accepted into OPA (Oil Painters of America) 2020 Virtual Salon Exhibition of Traditional Oils.
  • “The sound” has been accepted into OPA Western Regional Exhibition of Traditional Oils, this Virtual show hosted by Illiume Gallery of Fine Art.

Some of my oil paintings, were awarded FAV 15% in BoldBrush Painting Competition.

My life has been rich in experiences and filled with many memorable moments of ups and downs. Even in the most difficult moments, art had been my most loyal companion. I feel a lot of joy when creating art, and hope to continue enjoying and sharing such joy.

American Artist Linghui Wang Painting
American Artist Linghui Wang Painting

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