Kim Roberti

I love painting. It’s my life! I love the endless series of tasks exploring the abstract elements of lines, shapes, values, colors, textures and edges! How similar now I found painting is much like living. First, I am learning to be impeccable with my words, second. Don’t take anything personally. Third, don’t make assumption. Fourth, always do my best.

Kim Roberti was born in Vietnam, settled in New Hampshire, and now retired to Texas. Kim started to paint at the age of 50 via a mid-life crisis. Seeking to understand the artistry of being an artist, Kim worked and studied privately for Sherrie McGraw and David Leffel every summer for 6 years. She loves the spontaneity of Milt Kobayashi and has attended his workshops. Kim is a member of the Daily Painters movement and contributes 1 – 3 paintings a day and sells her paintings on Ebay. To date Kim has painted and sold close to 3,000 of her works worldwide, garnishing numerous collectors.

Kim won the Jack Richardson award in pastel painting in early 2000. Her work graced the cover of Dick Blick’s catalog cover and she has been published in books and magazines.“ I am more focused on learning than competing, so my competition is to better myself today over yesterday. It’s my journey.”

Vietnamese-American Artist Kim Roberti Painting
Vietnamese-American Artist Kim Roberti Painting

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Work is love made visible. I’ve learned and grow both personally and artistically thru the years. As in life I made many mistakes have failures, but I see them as tools to soften my edges, sharpen my vision, and washes the windows of my soul. Welcome to share my life journey. Artworks are yours to enjoy or if you want to own a piece, contact me at for details. May all blessings be yours!


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