Jung Hun-Sung

Exploring the Artistry of Jung Hun-Sung: A Watercolor Maestro

  • Embrace Simplicity: Jung Hun-Sung’s minimalistic approach reminds us that less can be more. Each stroke matters; each hue carries weight.
  • Chase Light: Like the artist, seek the play of light in everyday moments. Notice how it transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary ones.
  • Celebrate Imperfections: Watercolor is forgiving. Embrace its unpredictability and allow happy accidents to shape your art.
Korean Artist Jung Hun-sung Painting
Korean Artist Jung Hun-sung Painting

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Jung Hun-Sung, a Korean artist born in 1971 in Yeosu, has captivated art enthusiasts worldwide with his exquisite watercolor paintings. His mastery lies in the delicate interplay of light and shadow, creating evocative and soul-stirring portraits. In this comprehensive critique, we delve into the nuances of Jung Hun-Sung’s art style, dissecting its elements and uncovering the magic that makes his work truly exceptional.

Jung Hun-sung Painting
Jung Hun-sung Painting

The Essence of Watercolor

Before we plunge into the specifics of Jung Hun-Sung’s art, let’s revisit the essence of watercolor as a medium. Watercolor, historically used for illuminated manuscripts and Renaissance studies, has evolved into a versatile tool for contemporary artists. Its transparent nature allows for luminous washes, subtle gradations, and an ethereal quality that sets it apart from other painting techniques.

Jung Hun-sung Painting
Jung Hun-sung Painting

Jung Hun-Sung’s Art Style: Key Observations

1. Play of Light and Shadow

  • Highlights: Jung Hun-Sung’s paintings shimmer with carefully placed highlights. Whether it’s the glint in an eye or the sun-kissed edge of a cheekbone, he captures light with precision.
  • Shadows: His shadows are not mere absence of light; they are entities in themselves. The interplay between soft and deep shadows adds dimension and emotional depth to his subjects.

2. Expressive Portraiture

  • Faces: Jung Hun-Sung’s portraits are intimate conversations frozen in time. He captures the essence of his subjects—their joys, sorrows, and vulnerabilities—with remarkable empathy.
  • Eyes: The eyes in his paintings hold secrets. They convey stories, hopes, and inner turmoil. Their expressive quality draws viewers into the emotional core of each piece.

3. Subtle Color Harmonies

  • Limited Palette: Rather than overwhelming the canvas with a riot of colors, Jung Hun-Sung employs a restrained palette. His harmonious blends evoke a sense of serenity.
  • Natural Tones: Earthy browns, muted blues, and soft grays dominate his compositions. These natural tones resonate with the human experience.

4. Fluid Brushwork

  • Transparency: Watercolor’s transparency allows Jung Hun-Sung to layer washes seamlessly. His brush dances across the paper, leaving behind a trail of emotions.
  • Spontaneity: The spontaneity of watercolor lends authenticity to his work. It’s as if the paint itself breathes and responds to the artist’s touch.

5. Narrative Fragments

  • Suggestive Details: Jung Hun-Sung leaves room for interpretation. A half-smile, a tilted head, or a hint of a background story—we glimpse fragments of narratives, inviting us to complete the tale.
Jung Hun-sung Painting
Jung Hun-sung Painting

In the realm of watercolor portraiture, Jung Hun-Sung stands as a luminary. His brush whispers stories, and his colors resonate with our shared humanity. As we immerse ourselves in his art, we discover that sometimes, the most profound expressions emerge from the simplest strokes.

Remember: Art, like life, is a delicate dance of light and shadow—capturing both is where true magic resides.



Jung Hun Sung was born in 1971 in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, South Korea.

  • 2001 Beautiful Yeosu Exhibition (Group)- Yeosu.
  • 2003 Beautiful Yeosu Exhibition (Group)- Yeosu.
  • March 2018 First individual competition, South Korea, North Korea, Jeonju & Sudwell Gallery-Human Watercolor Exhibition
  • April 2019 IWS Vietnam Biennale (Invitation).
  • Moscow International Watercolor Art Festival, Russia (Invitation).
  • In November 2019, Lesons from 1948 (a lesson given to us in 1945) Yeosu Art Museum / Group Exhibition

Currently, living and work as watercolor artist in Korea.


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