21 Metal Sculptures by French Artist Jean-Pierre Augier

by artist sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier

French sculptor Jean-Pierre Augier, was born in Nice, he lives and works in Saint-Antoine-de-Siga, between Levens and Saint-Blaise (Alpes-Maritimes, France).

As a child, he created with various materials. From 1963, he got interested in disused old tools and learned how to weld them. From that time on, he would only shape iron and then exhibit at «La Maison du Portal» in Levens, in several other French regions, but also in Paris, New York, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. Old tools and iron pieces are an inspiration to Jean-Pierre Augier, who gathers and turns them into characters or animals on the move.

His favorite themes are woman, couple, motherhood, fables and tales, mythology and religion. His works are recognized as having «four cardinal virtues»: grace, movement, tenderness and humor.

Jean-Pierre Augier is born 17 May 1941in the hamlet of Saint-Antoine de Siga, shared the towns of Levens and St. Blaise in the Alpes-Maritimes , district of Nice , in the South-East of France.

Jean-Pierre Augier, going to school, discovers everyday nature that fascinates. This is the source of his artistic creations [ref. required] . During his youth, he traveled many churches, cathedrals and museums such as the Louvre Museum . Child, he creates with various materials such as scales pine cones , wood of olive or of cattail .

In 1956 , he sells his first creations with the help of sculptor Marcel Maury. From 1961 to 1963, during his military service in Algeria , he continues his work inspired by petroglyphs . It was only in 1963 that he is interested in abandoned tools and it offers them a second life as a work of art.

He set up his studio in 1964 in the stable and the pressure of her parents’ house. It manufactures parts of wood and metal that has at its first exhibition in the town hall of Levens in 1965 in the company of Marcel Maury.

From his first marriage to Marie-Hélène Laurence Paviller born in 1967 (in 1968) and Emmanuel (1970). At the age of 29, he no longer works as iron and is nicknamed “iron magician”. In 1973 opens the Maison du Portal, acquired and restored by the Municipality of Levens to house various cultural activities. From this year, Jean-Pierre Augier will exhibit his works each summer. His personal collection includes a hundred pieces, is on permanent display in this house since 1990 .

It was during this year that Jean-Pierre and his first wife separated. In 1994, he was elected president of the association of the House of Portal in Levens, created the same year. It was in 1997 that Jean-Pierre remarried Monika Jocham, through his photographs that illustrate the books devoted to the sculptor. He sees himself named Knight of Arts and Letters in 2003.

Source: Wikipedia

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