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Iman Maleki Painting

Iman Maleki is an Iranian contemporary realist painter renowned for his exceptional skill in hyperrealism and his ability to capture the intricacies of human emotion. Born in 1976 in Tehran, Maleki’s art has garnered international acclaim, establishing him as a leading figure in the realm of figurative realism.

Iranian Artist Iman Maleki Painting

  1. Hyperrealistic Mastery: Maleki’s paintings are characterized by an astonishing level of detail and precision. His mastery of hyperrealism allows him to create works that, at first glance, can be mistaken for high-resolution photographs. Every nuance, from skin textures to the play of light, is meticulously rendered.
  2. Portraitures and Emotional Depth: A significant portion of Maleki’s oeuvre consists of portraiture. His ability to convey profound emotions and capture the human spirit is a hallmark of his work. Whether portraying the wrinkles of age, the innocence of a child, or the intensity of a gaze, Maleki’s portraits are windows into the souls of his subjects.
  3. Cultural and Personal Narratives: Maleki often infuses his paintings with cultural and personal narratives. His subjects are not merely models; they become vessels for storytelling. Through his art, Maleki explores themes of identity, tradition, and the human experience within the context of Iranian culture.
  4. Capturing Ordinary Moments: While his technique is extraordinary, Maleki often chooses ordinary, everyday scenes as subjects. This approach elevates the mundane to the extraordinary, as he transforms routine moments into timeless, contemplative works of art.
  5. Awards and International Recognition: Iman Maleki has received numerous awards for his contributions to the world of art. His work has been exhibited globally, and he has gained recognition for his ability to seamlessly blend classical techniques with contemporary themes.
  6. Educational Initiatives: Beyond his artistic pursuits, Maleki is involved in educational initiatives. He has shared his expertise through workshops and lectures, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge in the realm of realist art.
  7. Philosophy of Beauty: Maleki’s art is a testament to his philosophy of beauty. He sees art not only as a skillful representation of the visible world but as a means of conveying the invisible, the spiritual, and the transcendent. His paintings invite viewers to reflect on the nature of beauty and the human condition.
  8. Legacy in Realism: Iman Maleki has played a pivotal role in reinvigorating and redefining the genre of realism. His work has inspired aspiring artists and has contributed to a renewed appreciation for the technical prowess and emotional depth achievable in realist art.

In conclusion, Iman Maleki’s art transcends the boundaries of realism, capturing not only the physical likeness of his subjects but also the essence of their humanity. Through his meticulous technique and profound storytelling, he has etched his place as a masterful painter whose works resonate on both aesthetic and emotional levels.


Iranian Artist Iman Maleki Painting

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Iman Maleki was born on 1976 in Tehran. He has been fascinated by the art of Painting since he was a child. At the age of 15, he started to learn painting under the mastery of his first and only teacher – Morteza Katouzian – who is the greatest realist painter of Iran.

Meanwhile, he began to paint professionally.

In 1999 he graduated in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran. Since 1998, he has participated in several exhibitions. In the year 2000, he got married and in the following year he established ARA Painting Studio and started to teach painting, considering classical and traditional values.

The most important exhibitions he has participated in, are: The Exhibition of Realist painters of Iran at Tehran Contemporary Museum of Art(1999) and The Group Exhibition of KARA Studio Painters at SABZ Gallery(1998) and at SA’AD ABAD Palace(2003).

In 2005, Iman received the William Bouguereau award and the Chairman’s Choice award in the second international ARC salon competition.

Imān Maleki (Persian: ایمان ملکی) (born 1976 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian Realist painter.

Life and career

Iman Maleki’s fascination with painting began as a child. He started taking lessons in painting at the age of fifteen. His first and only teacher in painting was the celebrated Iranian painter Mortezā Kātouziān. His career as a professional painter began during this period. Maleki studied, from 1995, at the Fine Arts Faculty of University of Tehran, from where he graduated in Graphic Design in 1999. Since 1998 he has presented several exhibitions of his paintings. In 2000 Maleki established Ārā Painting Studio (آتلیه نقاشی آرا) where he also teaches painting.

During the Second International Art Renewal Center Salon (TM) Competition in 2005, Maleki was awarded The William Bouguereau Award – Emotion Theme and the Figure for his painting Omens of Hafez (Fāl-e Hāfez) and a Chairman’s Choice Award for his other painting, A Girl by the Window, (Dokhtari Dar Kenār-e Panjareh).

Maleki has been married since 2000. Maleki’s Dizziness is featured at the Farjam Collection in Dubai at the exhibition Iran Inside Out. He is represented internationally by Artists Advocacy Group, an artists representation firm in Great Falls, VA.

The beauty of iman maleki paintings lies in its natural expression. The life in his paintings, the realistic beauty, and soft colors make it a unique feast to eyes.

Iman Maleki brought a new style of realism in his paintings. The “2 sisters and a book” painting of Iman is popular and is known for realistic tones. You can find a complex series of finer details in each of the works that adds to the realistic look of each paintings.