Heidi Amenda Marshall

Heidi Amenda Marshall is a professional artist who finds both the visible and invisible landscapes compelling. It’s a love affair with the land and a curiosity of self.

The land is the first part of the story. Simply by being, it invites possibility for expression. When I stand before a scene it stimulates a response. I strive to stay true to this initial spark or reaction as it is generally powerful. And that begins my process of painting.

What I call the ‘invisible’ landscape is simply my response to the external. The outside world melds with my soul and history and this further turns the wheels of expression.

It is important to trust in the creative mystery of it all, while still attending to changing light, various weather challenges and holding a deep understanding of medium and a facility for technique.

American Artist Heidi Amenda Marshall Painting
American Artist Heidi Amenda Marshall Painting

I have to ‘feel’ the landscape and see its story before I paint it. In nature, it’s impossible to not feel things. She provides. One day there might be a thousand colors dancing on a flirtatious lake. How to best express that? The next day I might see a succession of stoic, old barns with faint, hand-painted reminders to ‘Drink Milk’ or ‘Chew Mail Pouch’. How should I express those? These scenes are achingly beautiful and my reactions to them also stem from places of great joy, moments of beauty, pain and grief; my own well of experience. It all goes into a painting.

The Earth is generous, especially to the plein air painter. She reveals herself. In my own way, I try to pass along what I see and feel –so that the fleeting beauty that stamps a time and place can be held just a bit longer.


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