16 Figurative Sculptures By American Artist Angela Mia De la Vega

Angela Mia De la Vega Sculpture

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Angela Mia De la Vega Sculpture

Angela Mia De la Vega, NSS, ARCLM, AWA

Freedom of spirit is my work’s purpose: to uplift and inspire feelings of pure love and joy. My fulfillment as an artist is complete if I feel that my sculpture stirs or awakens personal emotion in the hearts of its viewers.

As I sculpt, I listen to an enduring memory of my own experiences. Each sculpture begins as dramatic light and shadows over form. Unique details then deliver a responding body that listens as a live face does.

Upon signing my works in clay, it is difficult to resist the thrill of creation…I have a strong sense that nothing is finalized; it continues to develop and grow, as do our children. I feel the spirit of life itself is emanating from the sculpture.

Because of the passion that inspires my sculpting, I hope to transmit a complexity of emotions to those who contemplate my work.

Exalting the human spirit through expressive faces and natural body movement has become the recognized trademark of Angela Mia De la Vega’s figurative bronze sculpture. Her work’s greatest inspiration is the ever-changing individuality of her children. Angela graduated Summa Cum Laude from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and completed post-graduate studies at the University of Madrid, Spain. She is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society, a Master Signature member of American Women Artists, and was named a Living Master by the internationally prestigious ARC (Art Renewal Center). Major awards include Best in Show and Best 3D Work by AWA and The Purchase Award by the ARC Museum. Her sculptures are installed in numerous universities, hospitals, public parks and city plazas throughout the USA and privately collected throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Dubai, India, China, and Japan.

Angela cofounded FLITE (Friends Lifting Individuals To Empowerment) whose mission is to harness the power of artistic expression and use it to raise funds and empower enslaved or socially excluded people.


May 2012: Angela named Living Master by ARC

Art Renewal Center is the largest on-line Museum on the internet housing all the known works of the greatest painters and sculptors in human history, cross-referenced to the largest encyclopedic online art reference library of historical texts, essays, biographies, and articles. The ARC defines a “living master” as one who has the rare talent, experience, and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection; one who has been trained under the rigorous academic principles of Realism, and mastered every parameter and nuance of great painting or sculpture. View Angela’s Living Master page.



Public commissions and installations

May 2020Enchanted Princess Cruise Ship by Holland America
September 2019Chiba University, Kaschiva-shi Chiba, Japan
July 2018Stonebrook Business Park, Frisco, Texas
June 2018Main Marketplace, Little Elm, Texas
June 2018 NW Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Fayetteville, Arkansas
March 2018USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, Mobile, Alabama
November 2017Hedemarken Friskole, Adalsbruk, Norway
November 2017BancFirst, Edmond, Oklahoma
May 2016CityLine, Dallas, Texas
November 2015    BancFirst, Edmond, Oklahoma
January 2014University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas
September 2013Little Rock Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas
May 2012Beatrice Community Hospital, Nebraska
October 2011Stillwater Center for Domestic Violence, Oklahoma
September 2011Bergstrom Corporation, Neenah, Wisconsin
March 2009City of Sheridan Public Arts, Wyoming
January 2008Claxton Elementary School, Greensboro, North Carolina
October 2007Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas
September 2007Cattle Barons-American Cancer Society, Plano, Texas
February 2007Lena Pope Home, Fay Jones Plaza, Fort Worth, Texas
December 2006Seabridge Marketplace, Oxnard, California
November 2006Hackberry Creek Park, Highland Park (Dallas), Texas
September 2006Steam Pump Village, Tucson, Arizona
April 2005Providence Memorial Hospital, El Paso, Texas
February 2005Santa Ana Courthouse, Orange County, California
June 2003Las Palmas Marketplace, El Paso, Texas
January 2003The Highlands of Flower Mound, Texas
October 2002Candlelighters Foundation, El Paso, Texas
September 2001Plaza El Paseo Shopping Ctr, Laguna Beach, California
September 2000Chapel Hill Lifestyle Center, Fort Worth, Texas
October 1999Huebner Oaks Lifestyle Center, San Antonio, Texas
July 1997FEMAP Foundation Hospital, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

Museum exhibitions, juried shows, and awards

2020Brookgreen Gardens People’s Choice Award for 2020, South Carolina
2020 The International Artists Professional League 92nd Grand National Exhibition
2020National Sculpture Society’s 87th Annual Awards Exhibition, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina
2019Looking West Exhibiton, Steamboat Art Museum, Steamboat Springs, CO
2019-2021Performance in Sculpture, Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa, Florida
2019Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2018-2019 International Salon Finalist
2018Best in Show Award, Texas Visual Arts Association, Dallas, TX
2018Full Sun: American Women Artists Illuminate the Haggin Museum, Stockton, California
2018Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2017-2018 International Salon Finalist
2017Under a Vast Sky: Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson, Arizona
2007-2019  Sculpture in the Park Juried Exhibition, Loveland, Colorado
2017Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2016-2017 International Salon Finalist
2016Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2015-2016 International Salon Competition Honorable Mention
2015American Women Artists Signature Bronze Medal
2015-2017 Season Performance in Sculpture, Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa, Florida
2015Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2014-2015 International Salon Competition Honorable Mention
2015Sculpture at the River Market, Little Rock, Arkansas
2014, 2016Art in the Square, Southlake, Texas
2013-2015Performance in Sculpture, Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa, Florida
2014American Women Artists National Juried Competition
2013National Sculpture Society Straz Center Exhibition, Tampa, Florida
2013ArtCAN  Juried Exhibition, Atlanta Ballet Center, Atlanta, Georgia
2013Award of Merit – American Women Artists National Juried Competition, Fredericksburg, Texas
2013, 2015Cottonwood Art Festival, Richardson, Texas
2013-2015Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2012-2013 International Salon Competition Finalist
2012American Women Artists National Juried Competition, Tubac: Best in Show and Best 3-D Work 
2012 National Sculpture Society’s 79th Annual Awards Exhibition, Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina
2012Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2011-2012 International Salon Competition Purchase Award 
2012Art Renewal Center (ARC) 2011-2012 International Salon Competition Honorable Mention
201243rd Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair by The Guild of Artists and Artisans, Ann Arbor, Michigan
2010 American Women Artists National Juried Competition, Dallas, Texas


  • 1992 BFA, Summa Cum Laude, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
  • 1990-1992 University of Madrid, Spain, Undergraduate Student Exchange
  • 1992-1993 University of Madrid, Spain, Post-graduate
  • 2000-2005 Artist Workshops in Loveland, CO and Richard MacDonald Studio, Carmel, CA.

Angela Mia De La Vega: Sculpting Wings for Freedom

Angela Mia De La Vega stands in her Lakewood art studio holding a small lump of brown clay in her hands. She is immediately taken back to her childhood where she would spend afternoons pulling bits of red Pennsylvania clay from her front yard, using it to craft tiny animal figurines. These moments were just a taste of her future career as a renowned sculptor. But even beyond beautiful works of art, Angela is leading a movement of artists who are making an impact.

As an undergraduate student at Clarion University, Angela studied fine art and was encouraged toward creating abstract forms, and heard the same after traveling to Spain to study at the University of Madrid. But Angela’s heart was still drawn to creating detailed figures of people and animals. “The day I went back to sculpt something realistic, I felt so connected – like it was something that could come to life,” Angela said. From that point on, Angela devoted her artistic career to creating pieces inspired by their real life counterparts, sculpting art for galleries around the world, as well as corporate and private commissions.

But one sculpture in particular shifted Angela’s trajectory. “One night I was about to fall asleep and I had a vision of a little girl flying through the air surrounded by butterflies. And I sat up in bed and said out loud, ‘Lift her with butterflies!’” Angela shared. She was hungry to give back to her community after friends had supported her through a personal crisis, and suddenly a sculpture seemed like the clear way to make a tangible difference. Angela shaped the image of a girl being lifted by a swirl of butterflies just as she had dreamed, using her standard process of oil based clay surrounded by a silicone mold. The mold is then sent to a foundry that creates a hollow bronze casting using a lost-wax method. Once completed, Angela named the new piece “Lift Her With Butterflies” and began dreaming of artists joining together to empower people who had been affected by abuse, trafficking, and social exclusion.

In 2015, FLITE to Freedom was born out of that dream, creating opportunities for artists to donate their work to help fund meaningful organizations such as Mosaic Family Services and DeliverFund. FLITE represents the phrase, “Friends Lifting Individuals To Empowerment,” and the Board of Directors focuses their efforts on an annual art show in Dallas, along with a year-round online gallery. “We exist to help people learn to spread their own wings,” said Angela. “I’ve come to understand the power art has to stir awareness, as well as the healing process.”

The “Lift Her With Butterflies” sculpture has been made into 45 full-size castings, 37 of which have already been sold, with proceeds given to FLITE’s nonprofit partners. But the sculpture is far more than simply a fundraising tool. “People never ask me why I made it, but the love I poured in always comes through and connects with their story,” Angela shared. One family purchased “Lift Her With Butterflies” in honor of their daughter, Katie, who lost her fight with childhood cancer, and donated the artwork to the children’s hospital that cared for Katie during her illness. “I am in awe of the beautiful bridges of humanity that are created between myself and the recipient of my artwork,” said Angela.

This year’s event, The Art of Freedom, takes place on September 22nd at the Lawley Art Group Gallery in Dallas. Artists of all ages and backgrounds will feature their work, highlighted by talented local musicians – everyone giving a piece of their creativity in honor of those who are not yet free from abusive situations. Local painter, Tanner Lawley will also be creating a brand new piece in real time during the event, which will be sold to benefit FLITE. With a little clay and bronze, a camera, or a rainbow of paints, these artists are uplifting those who don’t yet have their butterflies.

You can learn more about FLITE to Freedom and purchase tickets to The Art of Freedom event at their website.

If you know someone who is Doing Good in Dallas, we’d love to hear about it! Share their story with us.


Angela received a BFA from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. She is an Elected Member of the National Sculpture Society, American Women Artists, and an Art Renewal Center Living Master. Awards include Best in Show and Best 3D Work (AWA) and The Purchase Award by the ARC Museum. Her sculptures are publicly installed across the USA and privately collected throughout the globe. Angela is president of FLITE to Freedom which harnesses the power of artistic expression to raise funds for enslaved or socially excluded people: www.flitetofreedom.com.


Freedom of spirit is my work’s purpose; to uplift and inspire feelings of love and joy. 

I sculpt compositions that tell love stories, either those of others or my own. I like to imagine this as a bridge of humanity that connects my heart with that of another. Each sculpture begins as dramatic light and shadows over form. Unique details then deliver a responding body that listens as a live face does. Upon signing my works in clay, it is difficult to resist the thrill of creation. I have a sense that nothing is finalized; it continues to develop and grow, like ourselves.


Living Master Art Renewal Center, Texas Society of Sculptors; Master-Signature Member American Women Artists; Elected Member National Sculpture Society; Elected Member Texas Society of Sculptors; Social Venture Partners of Dallas, Dare to Soar Foundation


Signature Gallery Group
Las Vegas, NV, Oahu & Maui, HI, So. Lake Tahoe, CA

Mockingbird Fine Art
Bend, OR

T.H. Brennen Fine Art
Scottsdale, AZ

K Newby Gallery
Tubac, AZ

Thornwood Gallery
Houston, TX, Santa Fe, NM

Pitzer’s Fine Arts
Wimberley, TX

via: AmericanWomenArtists.org 


Angela Mia De la Vega Website


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