Andriy Shumskiy

Andriy Shumskiy was born in 1977 in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine. In 2002 graduated his studies at the Lviv Academy of Arts. A modern multi-faceted artist always improving his skills, embodies the creative ideas in different techniques and ways – painting churches, icons, landscape painting, portrait, sculpture.

His works have been awarded the most prestigious recognitions collectors. Most of the art and the artist’s works are in private collections, churches, galleries and exhibitions in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrainian Artist Andriy Shumskiy Painting
Ukrainian Artist Andriy Shumskiy Painting

Andrey Mikhailovich Shumsky / Андрій Михайлович Шумський è nato il 14 dicembre 1977 a Lutsk, Ukraina.
Nel 1995 ha terminato tre corsi al Kosiv Raion UPDM (Dipartimento di pittura monumentale).
In 2002 si è laureato presso l’Accademia delle Arti di Lviv (Dipartimento di restauro). Vive a Lviv.

(Андрій Михайлович Шумський)

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