11 Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Ukrainian Painter Andrey Poletaev

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I am a professional artist and I specialize drawing with the very tool everyone has at their disposal – a basic ballpoint pen. I started drawing as a child and over the years expanded into variety of other mediums, but I always returned to drawing with a pen. Periodically I create works in oil, pencil, markers, mixed media yet a basic pen still remains my preferred specialty.

Just as in any other direction of Art the only limit is artist`s own imagination and Ballpoint Pen Art is no exception. With zero room for error the work in this independent and exciting new form is challenging, time consuming and unforgiving. At the same time Ballpoint Pen Art is rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe and we see new artists join and expand the horizons every single day.

One of special feature of ballpoint pen is the fact that it is accessible to everyone on the planet and everyone has the same opportunity as any other artist to pick up a pen and create something truly amazing.
Artist website: https://www.poletaevart.com/

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