Emad Rizk

Painting By Emad Rizk Available For Sale

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Acrylic on canvas painting.
Dimension: 60*80 cm.

Emad Rizk professor and the head of the department of painting at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo. Master of Painting in 1996, and Ph.D. in the philosophy of painting in 2000. His vivid colors paintings display the astonishing scenes from the heart of the Egyptian culture.

Emad Rizk brush strokes are precisely placed on his paintings canvas to stand out few characters or objects, playing cleverly with the light and shadow in the spectrum of a nice warm colors. His paintings techniques assure his ability to reveal a unique not repeated scene. I have seen few artists who use warm color wheel but they could not match such imaginary street moves or setting figures under shades or lights spot. There is no way that Rizk’s paintings are being copied or matched a photo-projecting or outlined photo copy painting tricks. I have seen it in real life in Cairo, Egypt.

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