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Andre Kohn strives to make a difference in people’s lives by presenting them with an opportunity to enjoy the finest contemporary expressionist work by carefully selected and internationally successful artists.

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Our gallery represents internationally established and worldwide collected artists, and is your premiere destination for figurative and impressionist works in Scottsdale. The artwork captures the signature styles of Impressionism, including rich colours, thick and expressive brushstrokes, and arresting a particular moment in time.

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Bold Brush Painting

The precise convergence of three dynamic forces-culture, environment and talent-combined to produce one of the most collected figurative painters on the American art scene today. Raised by an artistically gifted family near the Caspian Sea in southern Russia, Andre Kohn’s childhood was marked by the natural splendor of mountains and sea, and by an unfettered access to all the creative arts.

His mother was a symphony violinist and his father a noted linguist, writer and sculptor. Both were educators trained in psychology who gave their only child unrestricted opportunity to explore the depths of art and his own obvious talent. Paintings, sculpture and books filled the family’s tiny, one-bedroom home.

It was a childhood without material possessions, but a childhood which taught him that the creative arts are the only true wealth. Kohn’s parents also encouraged their son to draw on any surface-including the wallpaper in their home-which they simply re-papered when he grew old enough to favor sketchbooks. His memory of childhood is that “music and art were everywhere.




Andre Kohn Painting
Andre Kohn Painting

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