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Alejandro Rosemberg was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1981. Alejandro attended The National University of Cordoba, where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts, at the same time forming himself with master Claudio Bogino in the classical method of painting based on the tradition of the great Italian masters. He furthered his education on color under Graydon Parrish, at the Grand Central Academy of New York.

His works are presently being exhibited in the United States and Canada, respectively represented by Principle Gallery in Virginia and White Rock Gallery in Vancouver.

Passionate about teaching the techniques he uses, that are based on an academic focus, he invests much time and dedication to his drawing and painting classes and workshops, held in the US and Buenos Aires.

He was recently awarded First Place at the ARC Salon and his works have been included at important museums such as the MEAM from Barcelona, Spain, and the National Museum of Fine Art (MNBA) from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He considers himself a realist painter. Many think that his works look like photographs and categorize them as being Hyperrealism, but Hyperrealism is not a technique but an artistic movement which tries to reproduce reality with photographic objectivity and quality.

On the contrary, his intention when he paints is not photographic but pictorial, using technique as an instrument to express a particular vision of the world. In that sense, he chooses realism because of its accessible language which, like a bridge, facilitates the connection between the painting and its spectators: it allows them an approach to art without requiring any previous knowledge.

Argentinian Artis Alejandro Rosemberg Painting
Argentinian Artis Alejandro Rosemberg Painting

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Alejandro feels that painting is a way thinking, and that the images are texts. Through his works he reflects upon the world in which he lives and on the space that art occupies in it, working particularly on two concepts: beauty in an ample sense and craft as its support; values that have been devalued throughout the last century and yet so necessary to the development of  human beings and art.


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