8 Hyper-Realism Paintings Korean American Artist Young-sung Kim


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NYC & Korea Based Artist. Born in Seoul Korea 1973. Representative Gallery – Waterfall Mansion Gallery, New York. Plus One Gallery, London. In an economically driven world where we are conditioned to subconsciously place value on the genuinely invaluable, Young Sung Kim has visually critiqued the level at which we place “value” on objects both commercially and ethically.

Kim uses contrasting subject matter to illustrate the distinction between the living and the material, it seems that as a society our ideas of how something is valued are intrinsically rooted in commerce. This series expresses the modern society where lives are threatened and many things have disappeared due to the advanced development of material civilizations.

The coexistence of objects representing Life and Object are shown as a piece of advertisement or a theatrical piece to analyze and depict the phenomenon cold-heartedly to express the desolation of modern society and nihilism of modern people and to reveal humans’ negligence of life.

Artist facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/10vun/


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