Youmee Park

Youmee Park graduated from Hanman University education in art, Kyonggi University graduate school of formative arts. (Park Yoomi | 朴裕美 | Park, youmee)

Viewers tend to be retrospective on the purity of the world reflected on the eyes of a child through Park,You Mee’s watercolors. Yes, in her watercolors dwells a pure vision of the world that is not restricted to the outer beauty of images created from the mere source of the painting.

The kind of purity that the artist gives as she looks upon the world, as expected, is one of expressive specificities found in the genre of watercolor. It is probably not unrelated to the temporariness of unchanging expression. Moreover, it may be related to the material characteristic, the transparency, of watercolor paint where the viewer penetrates the paint and sees every detail of he body of painting.

Her watercolor follows the method where material specificity is fully concerned. Thus every subject invited to her paintings are granted of a new life that is transparent and naive in nature. The work transforms even very meaningless existence into a beautiful image which we refer to as “pure aesthetics”.

Korean Artist You Mee Park Watercolor Painting
Korean Artist You Mee Park Watercolor Painting

Her passion toward the painting concentrates on the search for the pure aesthetics embedded in a pure form that each object possesses. Outstandingly bright and clear colors reflect to such an artist’s own sense of aesthetics. It is because of her natural deity-like attitude for understanding the life that it is beautiful.


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