Tarmeño Fernández Villalba

Tarmeño Fernández Villalba: “In the artistic endeavor, I try that the paintings that I develop are sensitive to the human situation in all its forms, especially the marginal, marginalized men. What many do not want and do not want to see, the disinherited who fight for a dignified life without being exploited and free from more and more violence.”

Tarmeño’s Origin

Tarmeño (Jorge Fernández Villalba) currently resides in a coastal town in northwestern Peru called Tumbes. Tarmeño studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lima and spent many years painting in Ecuador. He has also received more artistic training in the private workshops of teachers Walter Carreño (Tarma 1979-1981) and Leonel Velarde (Miraflores 1982-1983). Tarmeño was born in Tarma, Peru.

Peruvian Artist Tarmeño Fernández Villalba Watercolor Painting
Peruvian Artist Tarmeño Fernández Villalba Watercolor Painting

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Tarmeño Skills And Participations

Tarmeño works particularly features of the face, muscles and all anatomical details in a very particular way, skill that allowed him to participate in several exhibitions in Lima. His work was not only appreciated in Peru, he also crossed borders to Ecuador, where he traveled and got involved in projects of an artistic and social nature.

“From 1980 I presented myself with my works in galleries, salons and painting contests; Some were rejected, others were scandalized, but I was also accepted and sometimes rewarded, are experiences of every painter.”

In 1996, he was invited to Ecuador by the NIMA Foundation, where he painted and learned to know the life of the children of the street of Guayaquil. There, he was the creator of the painting workshop ‘Tarmeño’, which became an important instrument to educate and rescue the children and young people of the street, as well as being a way of escape from the sad reality they lived.

In 1997, it illustrates the first public aquarium in Ecuador, located in the millennial community of Valdivia. In this period he learns to handle acrylic. Later, he begins to work inside the Center of Social Rehabilitation of Guayaquil (women’s prison), where he makes available her artistic skills in social assistance projects.

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