22 Watercolor Paintings By Polish Artist Stanislaw Zoladz

Stanislaw Zoladz Painting

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Stanislaw Zoladz Painting

Stanislaw Zoladz was born in 1952 in Poland, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Since 1978 he lives and works in Sweden.

To find motifs for his paintings, Stanislaw is always on the hunt for exiting light settings. In Simpnäs and Arholma in the archipelago of Roslagen, outside Stockholm, are Stanislaw’s favorite spots to paint. There, he returns to the same motifs over and over again, finding them new each time light and weather sets a little bit differently on them. Nature is a predominant theme in his work. Boats, tractors or cottages sometimes reminisce of human presence. If Stanislaw paintings have one thing in common, then it is his impression of light.

Stanislaw won second prize at the Winsor & Newton’s “Our world in the year 2000” contest, and received his award from Prince Charles, at the ceremony in St. James’ Palace in London, on February 17th, 2000. He recently received Excellence Prize at Shenhzen Watercolor Biennial China 2013-2014 and recognition for his realistic painting at the World Watermedia Exposition Thailand 2014. He was one of 23 finalists at 1st World Watercolor Competition at Narbonne, France, organized by the art magazine “The Art of Watercolour” (2014).

Stanislaw also participated at “Ambilight – The First Zhongshan International Master’s Watercolor Invitation Exhibition” (2014). More recently he has participated in “Masters of Watercolour” (St. Petersburg, Russia, January 2015), “Mexico City 1st International Watercolor Exhibit” (February 2015), “Re-Interpretation 2015” (China, March 2015), World Watercolor Triennial (Seoul, Korea, May 2015), “The World meets China” (China, Jun 2015), Edsvik Art Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden, June 2015), “Watercolour Today” (Aosta, Italy, July 2015), “International Watercolor Elite Exibition” (Taipei, Taiwan, October 2015), and “Shenzhen Watercolour Biennial” (China, December 2015).

Stanislaw Zoladz is represented by galleries in many different parts of the world.

Stanislaw Zoladz Watercolor – Intro from Lineare on Vimeo.

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