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Sim Woo-chae Watercolor Painting

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Sim Woo-chae Watercolor Painting

Art (藝術) can be said to be the way to find the nature, and the road is an open passage toward a person, which means constant communication between people. Communicating is open, connected, and communal. Tao (道) is a very natural reason of the inner person, and is a beautiful way to open and heal the inner surface that is closed by following the flow of the fundamental human mind. It makes life close and friendly to art, and art makes our lives heal. The art that is in close contact with life, yet the power of primitive art at a high level is called Tao.

Art is a majestic reverberation that can be heard deep inside, and an intense reverberation that can be embraced as one.
Painting art is superficially done in the tangible world, but I think that all tangible beings originate from intangible forms and originated from the intangible road.

While the Western screen achieves completion in an existing form by an analytical method with centrifugal force, the East is a suggestion of the result of the omission of a method or process by centripetal force focused on the core of the Tao, and aesthetics and ambition. Rather than appearing vigorously, the brother is drawing the beauty into a mysterious silence and seeking the beauty of a calm and static.

In addition to the aesthetics of the East and the West, material objects not only determine the structure of the surrounding space, but also have the existence and nature in complementary relations and are valuable. This is the law and reason of nature and is the formative beauty that can be obtained from nature.

  Ralf Heynen

In the same space, types and intangibles interact with each other, and the screen has infinite vitality, and there are various ways of communication to lead our lives, but the way of communication of art expresses the identity of consciousness and unconsciousness naturally. It becomes a way of expression to discover the true figure.
Every piece of my work is a moment that occurs in the everyday life of a universal life.

All past memories and experiences of objects are compressed into a single image. I want the emotions from childhood memories and life chords and romantic fantasies about things to come out through the expression of reality, and I am around me with the purified emotions obtained through rapport with nature and the attachment to everyday and ordinary objects We want to move everything on the canvas and capture the infinite flow of time moment by moment, leaving it as an eternal image.

In addition, by focusing on inner psychology, it reveals the mental world that is felt and perceived through works, and seeks to communicate and communicate sincere voices in a way of mutual communication. The expression of the character represents our common life and affection most honestly, and the expression of life full of reality is reproduced with objective expression to give a sense of reality, and to maximize this, it is intended to give the formativeness of lines and margins.

I would like to talk about the aesthetics of coexistence between East and West in terms of harmonizing the traditions of Western realism with the emotions of Eastern ink through watercolor works using the medium of water as the means of space management in the East and Western objects. I think that the reason why a work can be appealed regardless of the East and the West is because of the real reality of human beings and life dissolved in his work.

  Gregg Kreutz Gallery

In painting, 허 (회화) and 실 (실) are relative, but it is thought that a better sense of beauty can be created by forming a complementary relationship through harmony and unification.

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Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts (West Western Painting), Chugye University of Arts and Honghwa University, Graduate School of Fine Arts. Art Fair / Booth Solo Exhibition 15 times. Participated in 350 domestic and international group exhibitions / invitations. The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Bank, Gwangju Museum of Art and many others are in the possession.

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