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Sérgio Odeith Painting

He held a spray can for the first time in the mid 1980s, but it was in the 1990s, when graffiti began its dissemination throughout Portugal and began to leave its Portuguese birthplace, Carcavelos, that the artist had his first contact with graffiti and its movement.

His first experiences were sketched on street walls and train tracks and so the passion he had always shown for drawing had a newly found purpose and began evolving. Not long after, came the opportunity to paint large scale murals in Damaia, Carcavelos and in many social housing neighbourhoods, such as Cova da Moura, 6 de Maio and Santa Filomena.

Early on, the artist showed a special interest in perspective and shading, in an obscure style, which he later called “sombre 3D”, where the compositions, landscapes or portraits, messages or homages, stood out for their realism and technique.

Odeith was, in 2005, internationally recognized for his groundbreaking incursions in the anamorphic art field, standing out for his compositions created in perspective and painted in different surfaces, such as 90º corners or from the wall to the floor, creating an optical illusion effect.

In 2008, he decided to close his tattoo studio (which he opened in 1999) and moved to London.

Currently, back in Lisbon, he assumed painting as his main activity, having created large scale murals for major national and international enterprises such as the London Shell, Kingsmill, the Coca-Cola Company, Estradas de Portugal, Samsung, Sport Lisboa e Benfica (football club) and several Portuguese city halls such as Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, amongst others.

Amid all the events he participated in, we highlight: Meeting of Styles (Alemanha), Museum of Public Art (Louisiana, EUA), MuBE – Brazilian Museum for Sculpture (São Paulo, Brasil), 1st Bienal del Sur (Panamá) and the Berardo Collection Museum’s 2nd anniversary party.

Sergio Odeith CV


Alameda shopping Porto “Portugal”
Heathrow Airport “London, UK”
AQUA Aquarium “Silkeborg Denmark”


Solo exhibition ESCALA 10:1 “Portugal”
Conversas na rua “Portugal”
Darwin streetart Festival “Australia”
Village Du Soir “Switzerland”
NOS Alive Festival “Portugal”
Municipio de Mortagua “Portugal”
Epidemic Sound “Sweden”
Anmon Resort “Indonesia”
Paribas Aniversary “Portugal”
Durex promotion sketch
NEW BABYLON “The Hague, Netherlands”


Fornos de Algodres council “Portugal”
Corona Festival “Mexico”
Upfest “England”
Sport Lisboa e Benfica “stagium centre”
Fire is Gold “Belgium”
Sneakers Fever “Mexico”
Yardworks “Scotland”
Vista Alegre crockery “Portugal”
I love Crete “Greece”


Aruba art fair “Aruba”
Joe B Hall tribute “USA Kentucky”
Add more colours “Sweden”
Sport Lisboa e Benfica, stagium centre
Loopfest “Italy”
Tipper & Friends “USA, Jacksonville”
Wall to Wall “Australia, Benalla”
Dubai canvas “Dubai”
Charleston museum “USA, Charleston”
History channel “Portugal”


Conversas na rua “Portugal”
Magic city “Germany”
4 Elements Festival “England”
Street art “Canada”
Upfest “England”
Beastie boys tribute”USA, Charleston”
Walking dead Tribute “USA, Kentucky”
Sport Lisboa e Benfica, stagium centre
Step on the Arena ” Holland”
Street art Lab “Moscow”
Comic Con “Dubai”
Boxpark “Dubai”
MOVE Ribeira Grande”Azores”
Dubai canvas “Dubai”


Microsoft “Portugal”
Children’s museum “USA, Charleston”
Shop “USA, mount pleasant”
Louis Armstrong Tribute”USA, Lexington”
Cristiano Ronaldo portable museum “Portugal”
Conversas na Rua” Portugal”


1st place Oeiras graffiti contest

Graffiti Artist Odeith Creates Mind Blowing Illusion of School Bus

Portuguese artist Odeith is a master of illusion art. Using spray paint, he’s able to add visual depth to flat surfaces. The resulting images seem so realistic, it’s hard to believe that they’re all just a painted illusion. His latest triumph transforms an isolated cement structure in an abandoned warehouse into a wrecked school bus. The mind-blowing illusion is so real, it’s causing a sensation online.

Odeith’s bus appears perfectly at home in the mostly empty environment and, at first glance, simply seems like a discarded vehicle sitting in a deserted space. It’s only when you look at the “before” photograph that you realize this isn’t a vehicle at all. And upon closer inspection, the viewer can truly appreciate the technical skill necessary to pull off this transformation.

Odeith began by teasing his followers, posting a photo of the block-like structure and asking people to guess what he’d be changing it into with paint. People didn’t have to wait long to see what he’d come up with, as just three days later he unveiled his masterpiece. The graffiti artist’s attention to detail is unmatched, with him even painting the proper shadow of the bus on the wall, according to how the sun filters through the open roof.

Photographs of the work in progress show how he manages to build up the illusion using black spray paint to create outlines and mark points where perspective lines should converge. Yet, even with seeing how the work comes together, the precision with which Odeith paints makes his work is beyond words. There’s no doubt that Odeith has solidified his position as the top illusionist in the graffiti world today.

Jessica Stewart Wrote that article on MyModernMet 





All paintings are done by Odeith. The materials used are of high quality such as canvases, acrylics, oils or spray paint.


”Giclée Prints” will last around 100 years before any noticeable shift in colour. Meaning no fading or other degradation of the print.

Giclée (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works.
However, it is not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer, and is much larger and more detailed. Giclée prints can be a little over a meter wide and are printed on high quality archival papers. Giclée is the best way to produce archival reproductions of your fineart paintings and photography.

The quality of a Giclée print is far superior to all other forms of printing. It fact, when done correctly, it’s the closest an artist can get to matching their original artwork.


All print editions from June 2020 comes with a COA (certificate of authenticity). The paintings on canvas have no certificate of authenticity but are sent with the invoice as well as the prints.


Unfortunately at this moment ODEITH does not do any kind of commissioned works. After several years of painting murals and participating in events around the world, he decided to take a break and just dedicate himself to studio work, canvas, limited editions prints, and maybe in the future sculpture work.


‘Can I send the money or 50% now and the ODEITH STORE hold one for me?’

We’re very sorry but we can’t hold a Print or Painting for you and/or you can’t prepay for an artwork neither.
As many people ask for this ‘favor’, it will be technically too confusing and complicated to keep up with this.


I recommend unrolling your print RIGHT AWAY when you receive it, and lay it flat for a few days or take your artwork straight to the framer.
If this can’t be done, after unrolling it from the packaging, please use two hands to support your print so it will not bend. A crease or scratch in the print is permanent.
The cardboard tube used to pack your artwork is not suitable for long-time storage.
Please keep your new artwork covered until it is framed to avoid damage. Be careful of water, hard objects & adhesives as these can damage and scratch the surface of your artwork. Try not to use your hands to wipe off any dust as this can also scratch the surface.
After being framed, try to keep your print away from direct sunlight as UV rays can eventually affect the colors over time.


All payments are taken in EUR (€), Paypal or Credit card are the available methods and will be charged at the current exchange rate. To view current exchange rates please contact your bank. Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

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