Rukiye Garip

Rukiye Garip: I was born in Bartin, Turkey in 1964. I graduated from Gazi University Vocational Education Faculty painting department in 1985. I worked as a stylist after graduation. In my remaining time, I made hand decorations in a ceramic workshop. I opened a ceramic workshop in 1987 with a group of my friends. In 1989, I started working as an art teacher.

After working in different provinces and schools for 20 years, I retired. I still continue my painting works in my own workshop in Balıkesir.

I make my realistic pictures. Everything that looks good to me in nature can be the subject of my pictures. I want to illustrate as much as possible natural beauties that disappear rapidly and cannot be returned. Not getting rid of the details; I want to notice and make tiny, beautiful, happy details.

I think the main distinguishing feature is hidden in the details. I like to use the peaceful effect of blue and green in my pictures.

Turkish Artist Rukiye Garip Watercolor Painting
Turkish Artist Rukiye Garip Watercolor Painting

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Rukiye Garip presented her watercolors at numerous international and regional exhibitions, becoming the winner and laureate of many of them. She also gives master classes and teaches her craft all comers. “Everything that nature gives us, I try to move into my drawings, make them realistic and alive. Every beautiful moment that nature gives us, I want to reflect in my work, every detail, even the finest, transmit watercolors on paper”.


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