Roman Bozhkov

Roman Bozhkov Born in 1980 in the city of Shebekino, Belgorod region. In 1993 he graduated from the Children’s Art School and in 1999 the Shebekinsky Vocational School. 

“The artist’s painting is imbued with a great love of nature, in addition to general conditions of nature, the author tries to notice in it also small nuances – the play of light on the leaves, which for some moments crouched on the fence magpie or the last ray gliding on the vine.

From this work the author becomes truly alive and soulful, and the constant search for new types and motives, the constant work exclusively from nature, in the open air, is rare in our time, make the author’s works so diverse and unique. ” V.I.Sataev

Bozhkov Roman Alexandrovich – a modern, talented, Russian artist – landscape painter. The captivating beauty of its landscapes is amazing and remains in the memory for a long time. His realistic paintings attract, attract the viewer’s eye and do not let go for a long time.

In each creation of the artist, the beauty of nature familiar to everyone is conveyed, which the master raises to a worthy place in modern art. The vast expanses of the Russian landscape will captivate the viewer with its scope. To convey the simplicity of the world so beautifully, Roman Bozhkov not only masterfully owns technology, but also puts a piece of his soul, his worldview.

There is a feeling of freshness, a feeling of air . The artist constantly finds such images in typical Russian landscapes that are difficult to describe in words, they can only be felt with all the fibers of the soul.

The greatness of nature, recreated on the canvases, makes your heart sank and plunge headlong into its expanse, breathe its atmosphere and enjoy the skill of a talented painter. 

Russian Artist Roman Božkov Painting
Russian Artist Roman Božkov Painting

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