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Ralf Heynen

Ralf Heynen is a fine arts painter from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Despite the first impression of a sophisticated and detailed picture his technique is based upon light and tonality and typical brushstrokes. These strong light effects and the subtle use of colour are typical for his work.

Ralf Heynen is an autodidact painter, having learned the trade by studying 17th-century masters like Vermeer. The works of Russian realists and Singer Sargent were a huge inspiration. Many copies and experiments followed, and little by little he developed his own style. He has always been interested in foreign cultures, especially from the Orient. While traveling in the Middle East and Asia Ralf was inspired by different building styles and patterns and incorporated these in his paintings.

Fine arts painter of classical realism Realistic oil paintings inspired by Orientalism Armenian monasteries and churches Indian palaces and Haveli’s Mystical Orientalism Portraits on commission Still life.

Ralf Heynen belongs to a new generation of fine arts painters. With a sharp eye for detail and realism he manages to capture the essence of movement, be it in ripples of water or a child’s complete focus on a new found treasure. He does so by using light and tonality as well as very fine brushstrokes. As a result, the texture of a dress is such that you can almost ‘touch’ it while the shimmering sunlight on a skirt gives the impression of being almost transparent.


Ralf Heynen provides the viewer with a presence so real, it is as if you could smell the sea and feel the breeze on your skin. His focus of attention is on children and adults in water scenes, somehow remote, calm and removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Realism tending towards photo-realism, Portraits on commission, Originally from the Netherlands, Currently living in Göttingen, Germany, facebook.com/ralfheynen

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I am Ralf Heynen alias Ranonus, a Dutch painter. I was born in 1978 in the small town of Tegelen, close to the border with germany. After secondary education, where I had arts as a minor, I went to Nijmegen, a town with a hisory dating back to the roman ages. There I studied cultural anthropology at the university for a couple of years. Because of my bad eyes, I did not finish my study, but I learned a lot from this time. Meanwhile I had begun to paint in my room. At first just copies of pictures I made on several holidays. Later I discovered the works of 17th century masters as a source of inspiration. It was an exciting time. Back in 2003 I put aside the acrylic paint and started experimenting with oils. This was an important step ahead in my learning process. I have also been inspired by visits to a famous Dutch still life painter (Cees le Mair). Then, quite abruptly, I rediscovered my love for Oriental architecture. From that moment I taught myself to paint exquisit ornaments and worn structures. Sometimes with beautifully dressed women, but also without any figures, or with hidden spirits.



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When innocence speaks, the crown is a flowery beauty. And when the seed is original, light always sheds a dreamy moment on something alive, carries only purity. That is where a lucid feeling of peace prevails, to cover angels in their wondrous world. And to help sailing their sweet dreams safely to the shore. When innocence speaks, one’s heart beats a soft rhythm that brings so much delight to the soul. – By Rim Salamouny