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I am Ralf Heynen alias Ranonus, a Dutch painter. I was born in 1978 in the small town of Tegelen, close to the border with germany. After secondary education, where I had arts as a minor, I went to Nijmegen, a town with a hisory dating back to the roman ages. There I studied cultural anthropology at the university for a couple of years. Because of my bad eyes, I did not finish my study, but I learned a lot from this time.

Meanwhile I had begun to paint in my room. At first just copies of pictures I made on several holidays. Later I discovered the works of 17th century masters as a source of inspiration. It was an exciting time. Back in 2003 I put aside the acrylic paint and started experimenting with oils.

This was an important step ahead in my learning process. I have also been inspired by visits to a famous Dutch still life painter (Cees le Mair). Then, quite abruptly, I rediscovered my love for Oriental architecture. From that moment I taught myself to paint exquisite ornaments and worn structures. Sometimes with beautifully dressed women, but also without any figures, or with hidden spirits.

When innocence speaks, the crown is a flowery beauty. And when the seed is original, light always sheds a dreamy moment on something alive, carries only purity. That is where a lucid feeling of peace prevails, to cover angels in their wondrous world. And to help sailing their sweet dreams safely to the shore. When innocence speaks, one’s heart beats a soft rhythm that brings so much delight to the soul. – By Rim Salamouny.

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Dutch Artist Ralf Heynen Painting
Dutch Artist Ralf Heynen Painting

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