Phyllis Tseng

Phyllis Tseng: As a housewife and a mother of two, I never thought there would be any possibility for me to pursue new dreams. However, after my children finished primary school, I was able to look for a new direction in my life and decided to embark on a completely new journey in art.

Without any formal training or education in art, I started taking local watercolor classes offered in my community. Then I was fortunate to follow several local artists to help develop my skills and expand my knowledge in various techniques.

I also continued to explore and create different techniques and ideas, and used what I learned to express my feelings through my paintings.

American Artist Phyllis Tseng Watercolor Painting
American Artist Phyllis Tseng Watercolor Painting

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Watercolor started as a hobby, but as time went on, I received awards from various national exhibitions, which greatly encouraged me and made me determined to continue my watercolor journey.

Now, I am able to use my brush to tell stories and express my passion for art. This ability brings great joy to my life and I hope that my watercolor brings joy to you as well.

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