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Watercolor Painting by Artist Palas Biswas

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Watercolor Painting by Artist Palas Biswas

In most cases I use oil as the main medium of my paintings. I took long time to understand that the characteristics of water colour are much more different than that of other mediums.To get to this I had to spend much time to try and experience it.

Initially, I tried to boss the medium and in doing so, never had I experienced the celestial pleasure that this form of art would provide us with. Later I changed my style of painting. Watercolor tends to flow and now I let it do so along with the spontaneous touch of my brush. That gave my painting an unprecedented dimension. Now each time I finish a deal I am surprised to see the unimaginable appearance of my painting.

Most of my work is on portraiture. I have always tried to portrait the inner meaning more than external feels. In this way, I have expressed the inherent sadness, joy, and emotion of the characters of my painting and have conveyed it with the rhythm and force of my brush stroke and dramatic use of watercolor. I have just started, long way to go.


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