Two people are connected at the heart

Painting is alive Neskvik
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“I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.”
─ Julia Roberts

Today was wonderful day for me and i want to make all people happy) I know it is difficult sometimes, especially then some people live in other countries, but i want say for everyone who read it, for my watchers: Thanks a lot, thanks for all lovely words you’ve said, for all comments, it’s really important for me!!! And i want to present a llama for every my watcher – it’s not enough to show how you are all dear for me, but i hope it will give a little happiness for you)

Invisible touch

The softest touch, never felt,
Hands so strong, I love so much.
All in my mind,
Caressing me one more time.
Gently brushing my hair,
Whispering how much you care.
Stairway to heaven playing in the background
As we dance you turn me around.
Place a kiss so sweet,
But only on my cheek.
But there’s nothing there,
No one to care.
An invisible touch,
I long to feel so much.
Sweeping me off my feet,
My emotions runs deep.
I want to feel your hand in mine,
If only for one short time.
I want you right by my side,
Passionately saying we’re in this for the long ride.
I want to feel your touch,
I long to feel so much.
Come from out of no where, please be there,
And tell me that you care.
Place your hands on my face,
Find our own special place.
Come into my life,
Make my world bright.
Let me see that you are real,
And you can steal,
My heart, make it a part.
Of all that you are,
We can watch the stars.
And fall in love,
Never let it end.
This is not an invisible touch,
I feel you all over me so much…

Written by Joyce Foote