Pablo Solari

Pablo Solari was born in April 1953 in the neighborhood of Flores of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. From a very young age he began to paint and throughout his life has evolved as an autodidact, studying the classics and the basis of reproductions. 

He lives in Buenos Aires and part of her life was in Mendoza; he traveled to Italy to study in person to their teachers, Giotto, Fra Angelico and Miguel Angel.

Today he is a man that is in his artistic maturity; simple, humble and with strong values, this artist is definitely in a position of being embodied.

In 2003 he traveled to Arequipa, where he studied the harvest season in different mills of the area. During the harvest season and the vineyard of each place , he has a print and dumps into the canvas with a technique worthy of the great masters.

Throughout his career was involved in the study of different techniques such as Tempera, watercolor, drawing lively, advertising, cartoons and comics. Which incorporate multiplicity of points of view to his work.

Pablo Solari Techniques

With a great drawing technique, the majority of his work is supported in oil on canvas; the blue overseas is one of their favorite pigments. He not perform previous sketches on canvas because makes him feel “limited” or “tired”, it is not within their interests the reproduction of copies of their works. Prepares the canvas with 7 or 8 mixing layers, prior to painting.

He has the sketch in his mind and begins to paint, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, the works that takes and leaves for a while are hidden for not getting tired of seeing them, when he returns to complete them the desire of it remains intact.

Solari makes permanent reinterpretations of the social issues, he does not consider that have had “stages”, paints what he has in mind at that moment. Well we have within his work: field situations, zafra, vineyard, religious thematic, city, football etc.

But always in each work he leaves a very small area between the tumultuous representation where the spectator will find a “clear” that complete the situation; either a river, a field, a construction site, a public transport etc.

Uses a palette and high saturated, playing and creating a unique and original range of colors for each work, after completing the work applies the black shadow

“I use not to do that, when one is novice and insecure covers the whole composition of shadows for not risking much”.

He is a carefree in the use of the technique, sure of what he wants to do, and when it paints he does it with care, affection and vocation.
Took classes with the teacher Osvaldo Dubatti and Roberto Tessi.

His stages of production: He has works made in tribute to Berni, Van Gogh and Rivera. Produces works throughout the year and does not follow a series or default stage.

Analyzing ancient works of this artist, it can be detected the great technical evolution and aesthetics but cannot be differentiated stages. Its great theme is the social realism understood, not as a criticism, but rather as a reflection of what we see daily in our daily lives.

Argentinian Artist Pablo Solari Painting
Argentinian Artist Pablo Solari Painting

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