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Olena Duchene Painting

Olena Duchêne French Artist. Her beautiful floral paintings varies between watercolor and pastel paintings. This is the most delicate and sublime flowers paintings I have seen so far. Her strokes are simple delightful and dreamy. I love her style that makes her paintings stand out among other great painters here at wooarts.com. Please check out her profiles on facebook and instagram. Or her website, links are below.



French Artist Olena Duchene Painting
French Artist Olena Duchene Painting

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I never thought it was so hard to talk about yourself. It’s much easier to characterize others…

I grew up there at a time when there were many prohibitions. Today, with each new day of my life, I become more free.

Je n’ai jamais pensé que c’est tellement difficile de parler de soi-même. C’est beaucoup plus facile de caractériser les autres…

J’ai grandi là-bas à une èpoque où les interdictions étaient nombreuses. Aujourd’hui, à chaque nouveau jour de ma vie, je deviens plus libre.


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