Oleg Osipoff

I was born in 1969. Drawing for as long as I can remember, and everywhere … The first exhibition and feedback on my work forever determined my destiny and future life. Painting has become an integral part of it, a kind of life-style.

This is a robot translation by Google from the artist website:

My paintings – a mirror of the subjective perception of the world. reflection I have read books, watched movies, theater, lived and experienced life’s moments.

Perhaps some of my works do not fit the stereotypical thinking that pleases because they cause people to think, to reflect, to think and reason.
I intentionally leave the viewer to “dosochinit” almost half of my design in the picture, “let go” of consciousness and to see in it something of their own, of course only to him. Cchitaetsya necessary to leave some mystery and innuendo, and not present on the canvas all ready to normal perception. Alexander Blok said, “the direct duty of the artist – to show and not to prove.” I like this statement.