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Monika Jezusek

I have been photographing since I was 16 years old, and it was not until just a few years ago That I discovered That this form of expression best suits me.

Removing masks and touching upon what is deepest and truest but also understanding the essence of beauty are all things Which lay within the realm of my interests. The source of my inspiration is man, his inner self, his struggles, his dilemmas, his questions as well as That Which lurks within the limits of his dreams and fantasies.

I tell simple stories about humanity. Therefore the subjects of my pictures are ordinary people from the streets. It is in These simple everyday events that I search for greater meaning.
I also find inspiration from my own museum of thought and creativity. However, Particularly appealing to me are Vermeer’s paintings of everyday life, the burlesque works of Duda – Player or Wojtkiewicz or the impressionism of Olga Boznańska.
In creating art, I search for balance between truth and fiction, nature and fable, pathos and the grotesque, good taste and daub. Building a work is to look for equilibrium between form and substance.
I listen to the whispers of intuition and paradoxically it is this intuition Which guides the logic of expression. Often I use the theatrical forms, Which allows me
to create a story from beginning to end and in the process discover my own style of narration.
And we value autonomy, Which gives me the sense of independence as well as the will
to defend myself against short-lived and momentary trends.
Pictures Whether photographic or painted or any for that matter have always allowed me to formulate a basis of how I see and interpret as well as interact with the world.
In school I have learned to operate and consciously manipulate the forms in question.
I chose photography as a medium Which is rich in expression and also as they Which Creates a specific relationship or rather a close bond with man.

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