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Giedrojc Michal

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By Artist Photographer Giedrojc Michal

Most of us love balancing on the border of our own desire and reality. Everyone has his/her dreams, creates a world, people and places through the eyes of unbridled imagination. That is what concerns the series “Dreams”.

These black & white artistic photographs, express an intriguing look at everything that surrounds us, what may become a cause of labor of the mind, thoughts, imagination, illusions. In this creative photography series, dreams turn out to be extremely moody frames which combine the minimalism and incredible attention to detail, realism and surrealism, anxiety with aplomb.

These are the adversities that are in contact with each other on the border of two worlds, they show various possibilities which open up our imagination, creative vein, and above all, unrealistic dreams.
The main roles in my experimental photography play the photo heroes. Portraits are very physical, tangible indeed, specific, and full of expressive and individual character. Their existence clearly distinguished in the foggy landscapes, nostalgic entourage, lyricism and intimacy interiors and places to which they were assigned or simply grasp just there. In fact, we cannot be quite sure whether the surrounding world belongs to them or perhaps they were placed in it intentionally, specially pushed into another reality.

In addition, there are often quite strange attributes with which they have to overcome. It is worth to notice puzzling gestures or specific set of silhouettes. Characters are trying to tell something, speak with their eyes, signs, they send signals.
Looking at each creative photograph, you can ask yourself: is it real or dream? Where are these romantic views from? Who are these people? Why is it made on this way? Lots of questions! Questions can therefore be the basis to reflect on the reality of dreams and how huge can be human imagination, to what it leads, what do our dreams tell.

In this case, the creator of the various worlds is the author of this experimental photography, it is up to him to include each person; he is the master each of the perpetuated situations. This kind of artistic photography, seemingly having to be documentation of reality, becomes some reflection of fantasy, fun and stares at each other, making own surrealist thoughts which might have a chance to be represented in the real world. But it only depends on the individual viewer’s gaze to the dreamy theme.

Artist website: http://giedrojcmichal.com/