42 Superb Watercolor Paintings by Artist Algerian Merhab Djelloul


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Merhab Djelloul

I’m an Algerian artist, I have studied at the school of fine art in Mostaganem-Algeria 2003. I work as an independent artist, and a member of the International Watercolor Society (IWS). I have several post at local and international exhibitions in France, Dubai and Oman. I am the winner of Best Arab Artist prize in the Arabs Watercolor Competition, Dubai 2016.

Djelloul Merhab was born in Algeria on 24 June 1983 from a very modest family. His nature, his childhood village, his people and his family were his favorite subjects. He developed the glamor of his character and the manner of drawing appropriate for him. He worked long to improve his art, to impose his style, watercolors realistically.

He painted his native Algeria, through the light and the special shadows in the portraits. He painted all aspects of it, to the simplest scenes of everyday life.

Djlloul Merhab tried all kinds of styles: pictures, sedentary life, magnificence and the sheer simplicity of life in the desert. Merhab Djelloul Website


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