Photography: 10 Conceptual Photos by Polish Artist Marcin Sacha

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Marcin Sacha

Marcin Sacha Photography

He lives in Tarnow, in the south of Poland. Photography became his passion in 2005. He began with nature photography and later, landscapes. Marcin recently became interested in pictures on the boundary of photography and graphics.

Marcin Sacha achievements to date include nine solo exhibitions and over forty collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, He has a title Artiste FIAP La Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique.

In photo montage, he often use paper, clay, bricks and ceramic forms prepared by himself. Marcin creates the scenery by working out the light to get an interesting abstracts, which imbue a specific mood of composition of light and shadow in the plane of the frame.

Marcin worlds even if inhabited by people are dominated by shapes, shadows and lights. These worlds are alien to them. What a such unique compositions and abstract in all his photo albums and series.

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