Mantra | Graffiti Paintings


Born in France, working worldwide

Young self-taught painter of French graffiti scene, Born in 1987, in activity since 2008. He works since 2011 in cooperation with the Franco-German Love graffiti artist, and from 2012 built in parallel independientes projects. Mantra was a kid growing up between the noise of the city center and the whispers of the surrounding countryside.

The adult that has become, today pays tribute to his childhood hero: butterflies, owls, spiders, a whole bestiary portrayed in a realistic and lively style; mirrors that reflect the cries of a nature that we don’t hear anymore, many footprints left in the urban space and are repeated like mantras. Learn, understand, remember each, recite with increasing precision, concentration and sensitivity.

Build them increasingly large while they are driven by the feeling of the rain and wind, take care to every detail with the aim of bringing a soul to the wall, to change the eternal searching for balance and creating a new reality.

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