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Read about Manolis Metzakis:

Read about Manolis Metzakis:

Manolis Metzakis was born in Iraklion Greece, He is a graduate of the University of Crete, with a degree in Mathematics.
In 1989 he joined the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete.

From January 1992 till January 2000 he took up the duties of General Supervisor. He has been President of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Crete Since January 2000 .
In June 2008 elected as a member of the Governing Board of United Photographers International (UPI) and has been its president since February 2009
From 1993 onwards he has taken p regularly in international fine photography exhibitions.
He has taken p in 800 such fine photography exhibitions, showing 280 different pieces of fine photographs, which have won, 25 gold medals, 21 silver, 19 bronze, 95 honorable mentions and 1550 acceptances.

The photographic museum of Catalonia and museum of EL-GRECO have in their collections fine photographs (7 and 5 each) of his.

In May 1996, the Federation internationale de l’ Photographique, (F.I.A.P.), honored him with the istic title A. FIAP (ist FIAP), in recognition of his istic achievements nationally and in international photography competitions. In December 1999 the F.I.A.P. awarded him the title E.FIAP (Excellent F.I.A.P.). In January 2008 awarded him the title E.FIAP/bronze. In May 2009 awarded him the title E.FIAP/silver and in 2010 the title EFIAP/gold. In 2010 FIAP awarded him the administrative title ESFIAP.
In December 1996 the Photographic Society of America enrolled him as a member and in September 1997 awarded him the title of ‘Single Star’ photographer. In May 1999 he was awarded the title ‘Double Star’ photographer.

In July 1998 he became a member of the Hellenic Guild of Fine s.

From 2000 he has taken p to many national and international competitions of fine photography as a judge.
He has had a lot of personal exhibitions in Greece (Iraklio, Athens, Rodos, Santorini, Preveza, Neapoli) and abroad ( Romania, Tirgu Mures, Oradea and Ukraine)
He was the plato photographer in the film EL-GRECO.

Since 1990 he has been teaching fine photography in Photographic Society of Crete. He was teaching fine photography in IEK of Iraklion for four years and in University of Crete for three years. He has been employed by the Technical Institute of Higher Education of Iraklion since September 2000, where he teaches Fine Photography and Biomathematics.


Proud to publish Manolis Metzakis Photography on here is his website: Manolis Metzakis Website


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