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Read about the ist:

Read about the ist:

Kyle has been hooked on photography ever since experimenting with his first digital camera in high school. After Attending Ryerson University in Toronto and learning more traditional darkroom processes, Kyle returned to the prairies and mountains he loves in Calgary, Alberta.

Kyle’s photography became a passport to new places when he took on the role of photography guide; escorting ists, enthusiasts and photographers alike to the Arctic and Antarctic where some of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife exist. Logging over 30 polar expeditions, kyle isn’t averse to teaching his techniques to others; there are no secrets and Kyle enjoys nurturing a photographers talent.

Having a fervid taste for diversity and new challenges, Kyle can be seen from culinary to commercial photography, anything creative and new to keep his photographic eye fresh. His work is printed on a myraid of materials and media; from videos and slideshows to canvas gallery wraps.

If you are interested in upcoming workshops, photography expeditions or prints please contact Kyle for more information.

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