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Mohamed Khedr

Mohamed Khedr is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Set-design Department), Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt (1993). He holds a Graduate Diploma in Folk Art, Arts Academy (1995), and is currently enrolled in an MA Higher Studies program in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University.

Since graduation, he has worked in the fields of computer graphics, décor, photography, and artistic painting. Mohamed lives in Egypt with his wife and three beautiful children where he paints on a daily basis.

He recently completed an exhibition in Cairo at the prestigious Karmet Ibn Hanie Cultural Center Ahmed Shawky Museum and has another one that opened April 2014. Last February he participated in the Sahl Hasheesh Art Symposium in the Red Sea area of Egypt and he has been invited to participate in an art symposium in Italy and Romania this year. This is Mohamed Khedr’s first solo show in the United States.

About Mohamed Khedr

Born in 1970, Egyptian artist Mohamed Khedr has been painting and creating art his whole life. His style includes realism and impressionism, however he uses those schools to portray scenes not commonly seen with the European greats, thus Cairo life and Egyptian singers, thinkers, and heroes are often the focus of his work.

“It is important to know the classics as well as the contemporary schools before breaking the rules and finding one’s own style,” he says. Nevertheless, Mohamed closely follows both classical and contemporary paths.

For him, they all contain philosophy and beauty that cannot be disregarded. They also aid in reaching greater self-understanding, which collects together all experiences and personal aesthetics, in order to produce a form of emotions that portrays the artist’s character.

Mohamed is also inspired by music, architecture, photography, and graphic art; he is a set designer and an interior designer and enjoys teaching drawing and painting as well.

Colors, in Mohamed’s belief, are what attract a person most to a piece of artwork. Colors, which one soon unwraps after enjoying their initial brilliance, are but a subjective perception to emphasize form and shape, on the path to discovering the essence of the art beneath.

He believes that a trio of perfection, adoration, and enjoyment cast a magical shadow over the artwork, which is felt even before its dimensions or details are appreciated. Moreover, since the artist connects spiritually with his work, he considers that he alone must determine whether the work is fully complete.

The Inside/Outside Gallery is pleased to present the first American solo show for Egyptian master painter Mohamed Khedr, featuring 40 works on canvas and paper, September 26-Oct.26, 2014, with an opening reception for the artist on Friday, Sept. 26, 6-10 pm, at 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035. A series of talks and art classes will be a featured aspect of this exhibition.


Egyptian Artist Mohamed Khedr Painting
Egyptian Artist Mohamed Khedr Painting

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