22 Watercolor Floral Paintings By Artist Karen Sioson


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Artist Karen Sioson

“I find inspiration in nature and I want to share the beauty that I see.”

I developed an interest in watercolor back in the 1990s while studying Interior Design at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C. Watercolor was part of the rendering skills required for the course. I loved to draw as a child and so when we had rendering and introduction to art classes, I took to them right away.

I learned about perspective, color theories, art and history, designing, creating plans, skills that we would need in architecture and interior design. We were introduced to the different mediums but what caught my fascination was watercolors. Particularly because I had difficulty with it.

I have since explored the medium and my study, observation and experimentation continues to this day. My fascination with watercolor has turned into a career in art.

Watercolor painting started as a hobby for me but the advent of the internet brought about opportunities. I have been teaching watercolor painting informally. I started my blog karensiosonwatercolors.blogspot.com as a reference for my students and friends.

It has since gained a following and I use it now also to share discoveries, paintings, events and even watercolor products review. Interested viewers started contacting me about buying my art. In 2010, I started displaying and selling my art from my home studio under the business name Karen Michele Sioson Fine Art.

The internet has made it possible for me to connect with other artists who share the same passion for watercolor painting both local and abroad. In 2011, I have been invited by Mr. Atanur Dogan, Founder and President of the International Watercolor Society, to be part of the organization.

  Daniel Gerhartz Gallery

Participation in international exhibitions, open calls, and even being part of the jury committee on several occasions has broadened my horizon and made me appreciate the richness in art, tradition, and culture of other countries. These experiences have strengthened my resolve to be part of this global community of artists.

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