Kamalky Laureano

Kamalky Laureano is a hyperrealist painter from the Dominican Republic, born in 1983. Living in Mexico City since 2006, he has made his life and work in that country.

His work has been shown in Italy, Argentina, France, Mexico, the United States and the Dominican Republic. It consists mostly of portraits of big canvas, urban landscapes, and toys paintings.

“I like to create intrinsic patterns, controlled explosions of matter shaped until I’m happy.” – says 35-year-old artist on his Instagram page, which has now attracted almost 80k followers and counting. But what really makes Kamalky’s work stand out is his ability to portray the genuine emotion in his paintings which results in incredibly soulful finished artworks.


Dominican Artist Kamalky Laureano Painting
Dominican Artist Kamalky Laureano Painting

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Look through some of Kamalky’s amazing paintings and don’t let the hyperrealism trick your mind.

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