Kalpana Chatterjee

The profound clear azure skies, the fluffy white clouds, the gurgling Indus, the strong winds, the endless acres of rugged terrain and lofty mountains making the perfect backdrops,


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the windswept ridgeline surrounded by a labyrinth of extremely elevated flurry capped peaks, the Bunch of Chortens, some ornate , some scruffy and uneven, the rarified atmosphere , the dipping mercury and the blinding Sun-where you are susceptible to frostbites and sunburns at the same time! and the priceless views of the valleys – all of which contribute to making it “The Barren Splendor”!

To all from the outside, it is a wild and inhospitable place , As a first timer I felt the same till I learnt , in this high, rugged area of nature’s ever changing canvas, the Ladakhis have for a thousand years not only endured but lived and flourished here. Renowned for its natural beauty and a variety of landscape, Ladakh offered me an opportunity to indulge in Photography therefore the germination of the idea to have a page dedicated to Ladakh Topography as it deserves more attention and a singular status. Thus, decided to make a separate arena to showcase the beauty of an amazing region called Ladakh.