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Artist Jose D Almeida

José Ð Almeida was born in 1965 in Lisbon but considers himself a “provincial” world citizen and in fact, with no age because for him it is not a result of algebraic sum or chronological, but a state of mind.

He graduated in Design / Graphic Arts School António Arroio, but it is a man of all trades.
Painter and Self-taught photographer, exhibits since 2001, having already counted with several solo and group exhibitions in the Painting and Drawing.

Today, facing the photograph as a lover and amateur of this art, already has some exhibitions and awards. His painting is now built with light through photography in a striking pulse of ideas, analogies, metaphors, and feelings.

José Ð Almeida sees Painting, Drawing and Photography as a cathartic way, religious, existential in an attempt to connect and reconnect with the world and with God in every thing or be through intelligence and intuition in their creative process.

This creative process and design always starts with an incubation phase where there is a small spark, thinking, saying or inspiration, detached simply from scratch or through a breathing space and time, touch and enjoy letting thoughts, sensations and feelings, or through sheer intuition, creating an open space that gives birth and grow to their final idea.

In many of his works could see him as master and disciple, photographer and photographed, real person and character in their works. His images have a high visual load and their various reasons and details elevate us to a brutal surrealism that stirs their emotions of the beholder.

José says his work is his greatest master, light their great protagonist, the reason first and last, the sacrifice is his way and force that can produce and translate into rewarding results. You must always remember that (“Para chegar ao Oásis temos de passar primeiro pelo Deserto”) “To get to the Oasis we must first pass through the Desert”, as in the paint, every shot is like a “son” to him that feeds, nurtures, watch grow, learn from it and then…sees it from without ever truly be separated from him.”

A Fotografia eterniza momentos.
A Poesia eterniza sentimentos.
A Fotografia é a Poesia da imagem.
A Poesia é a fotografia das sensações.
(Autor Desconhecido)

José de Almeida

Another page: http://www.josealmeida-photoart.com
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