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Jos van Riswick Painting

The passion for painting developed in Jos van Riswick quite late in his life. Jos graduated as a physicist and worked at the university for a number of years. Science however turned out not to be his true calling and he decided to make the switch from science to art.

Masters deg. physics, Nijmegen University
Phd Student Electrical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology
Preparatory year, Arnhem Academy of arts (ARTEZ)

Galerie Magenta, Nijmegen; Galerie Twisk, Twisk; Zoetmulder Works of Art, Noordwijk aan Zee; N.V. De Beeldenstorm, Bosschenhoofd; Kerkje van Persingen; Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen; Warars en Warnars Kunsthandel, Naarden-Vesting; Galerie Aanblick, Groningen; Galerie Twisk, Twisk; Morren Galleries, Utrecht; Gallery Zozimus, Ierland; Perez and Ortiz Fine Art Gallery, Chile

Art fairs:
Art en Antiques Fair, Hasselt (2010); Art en Antiques Fair Den Bosch (2010); Salon Prima Vera, Rotterdam (2009); Affordable Artfair, Amsterdam (2009); Kunst op de Brink, Laren (2007); Sfeerbeurs ‘La Table’, Grote Kerk, Naarden (2007); Holland Artfair, Den Haag (2006); Artfair Autotron, Rosmalen (2006);

Jos van Riswick originally studied Physics and worked as a researcher at the university of Nijmegen before changing his vocation in life to painting and the arts.

Being self taught, Jos started painting in the impressionist and expressionist styles before developing a more realistic outlook after seeing the work of modern Dutch artists, Carel Willink and Dick Ket.

Through his experimentation and development he has used many different media forms to convey his ideas, like hollow mirrors, camera Lucida and camera Obscura.

Jos eventually found that working with oil paints and a palette knife best recreated a realistic and structured image of nature. Capturing as visual elements; shadow, light, and reflections to a point where it appears three dimensional, allowing the viewer to participate in the ‘world’ he has created

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He use masonite panels that are treated with four layers of acrylic paint as canvas. It gives a non-absorbent and smooth surface. But it is difficult to finish the work in a single session on such a panel. It demands at least two layer painting process. He uses digital photographs of the subjects before starting a painting.

He takes several photos and selects the best image to work with. This helps to judge the color, weight and luminosity of the objects easily. Other than still life, Jos also prefer to make portrait paintings. His paintings of Pomegranate, Apples and Cherries are quite realistic ! Here are some of the selected works of this Dutch artist.

His modern realistic still life oil paintings of fruits and flowers are painted with finite details. He starts the work with a detailed pencil drawing. The first layer is done with oil paint diluted with turpentine. His website explains the painting technique in detail. The decay process is important in all the paintings.

Dutch Artist Jos van Riswick Painting
Dutch Artist Jos van Riswick Painting



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