John Wilhelm

John’s profession is IT, his passion is photography.


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Photography was always important in John’s life. His father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations. So he grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings.

He wasn’t very excited back then about those films and development processes. It was such a fiddling in his eyes. The importance of photography changed into joy when John was holding his first digital cam in his hands. The fire was sparked off and a long journey begun, a journey through lots of camera systems, techniques, experiences and finally software products. Feburary 2011, he decided to take a step across the border of plain photography. John entered the world of Photoshop. That was the best thing he every did… now photography is a complete passion!


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Quote: “I love it to bring my fantasy to life with the help of my own images and Photoshop. Due to the fact that
it’s more an obsession than plain passion I call myself a photoholic.”