Nature Photography By American Artist Jeff Clow


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Jeff Clow

I’m a regular guy who happens to have a real passion for photography. I am self taught and I’ve made every mistake a photographer can make – and learned from it. I consider myself an accidental professional because all I set out to do was to get better at the craft of photography.

The interesting thing is that my background – prior to embracing photography – has proven to be very helpful in this new endeavor. “Jeff is a superb photographer. He is also an excellent and generous teacher.

Jeff Clow Photography
Jeff Clow Photography

More importantly for the tour environment, he is intimately familiar with the countryside and its prime spots for photography. His planning is superb. The tour proceeds from one venue to the next – smoothly including what seem to be the best sites in the vicinity” David Edwards, MD San Diego, CA Over the course of my life, I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of positive things happen to me. I reached the corner office in a large corporation. I started a successful consulting business.

I wrote a magazine column for sixteen years. Several of my photos have been featured on the covers of books, magazines and music albums. The consistent thread through the years is that communication is an integral part of my life. That ability to communicate well with others has allowed me to share my enthusiasm for a subject effectively – whether face to face, in writing, or through my photography. These days I really enjoy using my time to show new friends my favorite photo spots at many of the best locations in North America. For years, I’ve been searching out the premier sites and figuring out the ideal time to catch the best light.

Some of these locales are well known – and some of them are way off the beaten path. Places like Hedrick Pond Overlook or Buffalo Fork Ridge are not on any maps, but they sure are great spots to shoot in the mountains. Many of my participants are first timers – they’ve never been on a photo tour or attended a workshop. But they’ve decided that instead of going to a location and trying to find their way around on their own – they’ll join me and spend their time shooting.

And they get to do that for a price that is only a bit more than renting a high clearance SUV, paying park entrance fees and heading out on their own. I have dozens of testimonials from my photo tour participants – and I’d be happy to share some of them with you so you can get a sense of what people think about my photo tours. I’m pleased to say that over half of my participants have come back a second or third time to attend another tour.

I will be happy to send you specific details on any – or all – of my upcoming photo tours. All my photo tours are under $1000 for three plus days of prime shooting. Drop me a quick note at my email address (jeffclow at and I’ll send you details and add your email to my notification list. You’ll then get notice of any new tours before the general public. 


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