Arabic Calligraphy by Iraqi Artist Jassim Mohammed


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This is engraved painting on canvas not imposing which is rare to find and to reproduce. 
حفر على القماش اي غائر وليس نافر
Mr. Jassem Mohammad
Born in 1970 Jassem Mohammad Iraq .

Study and work:
He has practiced drawing since 1985
Mr. Abbas Baghdadi taught him Arabic source
A member of the Union of Iraqi artists
A member of the Iraqi Cultural Centre
A member of the Iraqi Union of calligraphers

Exhibitions in Iraq:
More than 18 exhibitions in Damascus 2006-2011
First exhibition in the Gallery of handfree – Damascus 2010 alone
Second solo exhibition at the Intercontinental Hotel – KSA 2010
Solo exhibition 3 in fba gallery -Amman Jordan 2013
He participated in the Burdah rewards
Participated in Gharnatah international festival of Arts
He participated in Gharnatah 2012 Arts international festival
He participated in reward to Burdah 2012
He participated in sharjah meeting 2012

Jassim Mohammed Calligraphy
Jassim Mohammed Calligraphy

Awards & certification:
His painting has the highest price in Afak exposure and has a letter of evaluation of United Nations.
A certification assessment confluence of Sharjah.
Medal of gold & participant shield at the fourth festival of pioneers – Baghdad.

Syria national Museum – the Indian Embassy Canadian Embassy – Embassy of Sweden – – USA and many other Arab countries & Europe.