Jared Ropelato

Cotton Candy over Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe

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Jared Ropelato Fine Arts Photography USA

The Pacific Northwest has been my home for my entire life. From the Ocean to the Rockies, from Montana to California, and just about every place in between; there’s a rhythm to the West. There’s a spirit of adventure.

Jared Ropelato Photography
Jared Ropelato Photography

My goal is to tap into that rhythm and that spirit with my camera, and to let others experience it as I have. I hope to let a childlike imagination combine with the magnificence and rawness of nature and capture a magical moment for others to enjoy.

When you look at my images, I hope you can feel the sunshine on your face, smell the ocean spray as the mist clings to your clothes, hear the roar of the river, or the whisper of the wind as you look on. I hope you get lost in them, and can imagine being there with me.

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